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Productivity and micro business

The Productivity Insights Network, funded by the Economic and Social research Council, have recently published a follow-up evaluation of a series of programmes designed to boost productivity (see _January19.pdf ). The initiatives under the microscope were all originally part of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills Future Programme. Looking at the report from […]

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Can policy be inspired by practice?

At the beginning of this week (19 November 2018) I had the great good fortune to be invited to a workshop on ‘Driving improvements in business performance’ for Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) personnel organised by the Work Foundation ( My challenge was to decide what to say in five minutes on […]

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Business productivity review

As part of their concern with the UK’s productivity performance, the Government has launched a consultation. You can have your say at . We’ve already posted some thoughts under the business support and advice services heading. Do you agree with our points about sole traders and micro businesses?

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Business startup comes to Chesterfield

Here’s a date for your diary: Saturday 24 February. The micro biz champion Tony Robinson OBE will be in Chesterfield to tell us what it’s really like to work for yourself. Marketers, bookkeepers, social media experts and lost of others will be on hand (along with folks who’ve recently started their own business) to offer […]

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Why Stratagia works with associates

There are lots of reasons, including

  • Expertise

This may be direct knowledge and skills that we don’t have, at least to the same degree, amongst our employees. Equally it may be indirect, such as being part of established networks and having contacts we don’t have.

  • Capacity

Associates allow us to take on bigger projects or complete work to tighter client deadlines than we would otherwise be able to do.

  • Flexibility

This is really the product of the two previous points. We can create effective teams to meet the needs of particular pieces of work without requiring people work for us on a permanent basis.

Of course, that flexibility can be of benefit to Stratagia from a purely financial point of view since, for example, we will not have to pay employers’ National Insurance. However we do not regard associates as a disposable workforce. Quite the contrary – we want to develop long-term relationships with people. That’s essential for us to deliver the quality of work and service our clients have come to expect. It also means we make a commitment to supporting our associates.

Why associates work with Stratagia

Many of the reasons we’ve set out above can be mirrored in the benefits to associates. It provides the opportunity to access projects you just wouldn’t be able to take on if you were working alone.

We’re also committed to supporting your personal development. That may be done in ways such as participating in an annual in-house training day through to being coached or mentored (as an employee would be) when working on projects that are challenging.

One of our assets is the high levels of technical skills and knowledge we have in diverse areas from qualifications writing through to social research and IT. Because we’ve regularly taken on employees with limited prior work experience and helped them develop their professional skills, we have resources and systems to support development that we are happy to make available to associates.

If you are working as an independent contractor or self-employed person we can also offer our experience in helping people start and develop small businesses to help you survive and thrive in an increasingly demanding and competitive world.

We’re committed to

  • doing our very best to bring in work that you can contribute to
  • treating people fairly and transparently
  • supporting personal development

What kind of associates are we looking for

The most important points are that you have a commitment to

  • our values
  • delivering excellent service for our clients
  • continuing personal and professional development

and are comfortable working in a predominantly virtual environment.

More specifically, we’re looking for people with the following expertise.

Qualifications writer and researcher

Typical tasks include

  • writing units for the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF)
  • reviewing QCF units for regulatory compliance
  • writing Rules of Combination for QCF qualifications
  • writing teaching guides to accompany QCF units
  • writing examination papers and other forms of assessment
  • undertaking desk research to identify National Occupational Standards, training programmes and other sources of information to inform the development of QCF units
  • consulting centres, employers and others on the content of qualifications

This work requires abilities to:

  • synthesise and interpret information from diverse sources
  • understand and apply the regulatory requirements associated with the QCF
  • consistently demonstrate attention to detail
  • write in clear and correct English

Appropriate backgrounds may include qualifications writing in an Awarding Organisation or curriculum development in a college.

Software developer

The main tasks are likely to involve developing applications that enhance and extend the capabilities of existing on-line products.

The primary requirement will be experience in using the Python programming language to develop such applications.

If you are interested in any of these associate opportunities please send you CV to, together with an indication of your daily rate for associate work.