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Productivity and micro business

The Productivity Insights Network, funded by the Economic and Social research Council, have recently published a follow-up evaluation of a series of programmes designed to boost productivity (see _January19.pdf ). The initiatives under the microscope were all originally part of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills Future Programme. Looking at the report from […]

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Can policy be inspired by practice?

At the beginning of this week (19 November 2018) I had the great good fortune to be invited to a workshop on ‘Driving improvements in business performance’ for Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) personnel organised by the Work Foundation ( My challenge was to decide what to say in five minutes on […]

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Business productivity review

As part of their concern with the UK’s productivity performance, the Government has launched a consultation. You can have your say at . We’ve already posted some thoughts under the business support and advice services heading. Do you agree with our points about sole traders and micro businesses?

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Business startup comes to Chesterfield

Here’s a date for your diary: Saturday 24 February. The micro biz champion Tony Robinson OBE will be in Chesterfield to tell us what it’s really like to work for yourself. Marketers, bookkeepers, social media experts and lost of others will be on hand (along with folks who’ve recently started their own business) to offer […]

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ICT – Current projects

Main areas of work include:

  • consultancy and design of business information systems;
  • web application development.

and underpinning this work is our approach to IT which integrates into the other work we are doing. For us, design and development of ICT systems should be set within a broader context and not developed for the sake of technology: it should solve real problems and deliver real value.

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BizBuilder & The People Wizard

Dove-tailing directly into our enterprise services for small business are BizBuilder and The People Wizard. Still in development, these applications complement each other: People Wizard for making sure business owners find the right people to build their business, and BizBuilder to drive forward the business itself.

Both products, being entirely web-based, represent an IT offer which is entirely free of technical overhead or maintenance cost, and bring our technical abilities developing rich data-based applications together with our business knowledge and skills to produce something very different. We’ve also paid a lot of attention to the user interface to really simplify the systems, because the easier it is for people to use tools like these, the more value they get from them.

If you’d like more information on either of these products, feel free to get in contact and we will send you a brochure.

UKCES SQS Action Plan database

The SQS Action Plan database (SQSDB) is a web-based system used to record plans of development for vocational qualifications: it is used primarily by Sector Skills Councils to provide information about the work they are involved in. Before this system was put in place this information was shared by spreadsheets, which was time-consuming and slow. With this system in place, information is kept up-to-date week by week, and this database is now consulted by many of the regulatory stakeholders (such as the LSC, SQA, DCELLS) as well as being used by UKCES.


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Position: IT Director
Time at Stratagia: 5 years
Specialism: ICT

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