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Small biz in an e-world?

Here are some more stats on the extent to which small businesses are using e-resources such as a website, social media and e-commerce. This is our re-working of data from two recent BIS reports.

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Don’t dismiss micro biz!

Government’s have often been dismissive of the smallest businesses, labeling them as ‘lifestyle’ and not making a significant contribution to economic growth and the like. The latest research from the Dept. for Business, Innovation and Skills shows that most of them do aspire to grow. Nearly half of sole traders and the like do and […]

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Access social research publications .. by end of June!

If you’re interested in research and not already a member of the Social Research Association here’s another reason for joining up! The SRA is providing free access to Sage and The Policy Press e-books and journals for members. But this is only a trial and it is due to close at the end of June, […]

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Self-employment into the future

The last post looked at the history of UK self-employment, thanks to the Bank of England. A recentĀ  UKCES report looks to the future of the UK labour market. It predicts that self-employment will continue to rise by 22k to 2019 but will then drop back by three times that to amount to 2024. For […]

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Stratagia Cookie Checker

This is designed to do a single visit to a website URL of your choice, simulating the process of a new user visiting the site. Any cookies that the site sets by default will be reported.

Please be aware: this tool has a number of limitations, and can only give you a rough answer to the question, “does my site conform to the new cookie rules?”. There are a few main problems that this tool cannot overcome:

  1. dynamic code, such as Javascript, or Flash objects, are capable of setting cookies in ways this tool cannot detect;
  2. many websites tailor their response depending on which browser you’re using, or which page you’re visiting;
  3. the new cookie rules contain an ambiguous concept of an “essential cookie” which this tool cannot interpret for you.

So, please, take the result of this tool only as a starting point: it is not an absolute answer either way. If you feel that you would need any help at all ensuring that your web properties conform to the new rules, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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