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Productivity and micro business

The Productivity Insights Network, funded by the Economic and Social research Council, have recently published a follow-up evaluation of a series of programmes designed to boost productivity (see _January19.pdf ). The initiatives under the microscope were all originally part of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills Future Programme. Looking at the report from […]

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Can policy be inspired by practice?

At the beginning of this week (19 November 2018) I had the great good fortune to be invited to a workshop on ‘Driving improvements in business performance’ for Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) personnel organised by the Work Foundation ( My challenge was to decide what to say in five minutes on […]

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Business productivity review

As part of their concern with the UK’s productivity performance, the Government has launched a consultation. You can have your say at . We’ve already posted some thoughts under the business support and advice services heading. Do you agree with our points about sole traders and micro businesses?

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Business startup comes to Chesterfield

Here’s a date for your diary: Saturday 24 February. The micro biz champion Tony Robinson OBE will be in Chesterfield to tell us what it’s really like to work for yourself. Marketers, bookkeepers, social media experts and lost of others will be on hand (along with folks who’ve recently started their own business) to offer […]

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Stratagia Cookie Checker

This is designed to do a single visit to a website URL of your choice, simulating the process of a new user visiting the site. Any cookies that the site sets by default will be reported.

Please be aware: this tool has a number of limitations, and can only give you a rough answer to the question, “does my site conform to the new cookie rules?”. There are a few main problems that this tool cannot overcome:

  1. dynamic code, such as Javascript, or Flash objects, are capable of setting cookies in ways this tool cannot detect;
  2. many websites tailor their response depending on which browser you’re using, or which page you’re visiting;
  3. the new cookie rules contain an ambiguous concept of an “essential cookie” which this tool cannot interpret for you.

So, please, take the result of this tool only as a starting point: it is not an absolute answer either way. If you feel that you would need any help at all ensuring that your web properties conform to the new rules, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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